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Pit Bull Happenings Rescue: Foster Homes needed for dogs!
We rescue Florida Pit Bulls and other dogs!

WANTED: Dog, Foster Homes - Florida (except Dade County) areas * Rewarding * Supplies provided * Vet bills paid * Short/long term available * Foster homes * SAVE LIVES! *
Click here for our online Foster Home Application to start saving lives!

After submitting the Foster Home Application, please allow us between one and two weeks to process the application and schedule a home inspection. Thank you for your patience.

Pit Bull Happenings Rescue's Dog Foster Home FAQ

What is a Foster Home? A Foster Home is a safe haven for a dog needing refuge until we find an approved adoptive home for him/her. Foster Homes provide our American Rescue Dogs with leadership, guidance, and love. To give him a warm place to sleep. To protect. To love. To show him/her a calm hand. Foster Homes show our dogs what it's like to live and how to behave in a family setting... how to live as part of the family. Foster Homes basically have all the wonderful benefits of having a pet without the worries of anything financial as our Rescue provides for everything needed to care for one of our Dogs!

What does PBHR cover? Simply put... PBHR covers everything. PBHR will provide all medical care, the dog food/treats, crate, food/water bowls, leash, collar, toys, etc. PBHR stands by our dogs and foster homes 100%.PBHR offers 24/7 Foster Home Support. PBHR will provide all necessary supplies for the dogs in our Rescue. PBHR will list Foster Dog on our website as well as on Facebook, PetFinder.com, AdoptaPet.com, RescueMe.org, among a lot of other adoption websites. PBHR will participate in adoption events throughout the Tampa Bay area.

What is the Foster Homes responsibility? Foster Homes responsibility is to provide the Foster Dog with a safe and loving environment. Foster Homes are responsible for scheduling and taking foster dog to vet appointments, giving the monthly heartworm prevention (provided by PBHR), to work on basic training and to teach good house mannerisms, to socialize, to give proper guidance, leadership, and love. Foster Homes are to take pictures of foster dog so that we may keep our dogs flyers and albums updated and fresh. Foster Homes will do their absolute best to come out to our adoption events with their foster dog. Foster Homes will need to answer questions potential adopters may have about their foster dog. (If you are not able to make the vet appointments and/or adoption events, you MUST contact the Foster Coordinator within a reasonable time so that we may have sufficient time to find an alternative solution!)

How long should I expect to Foster for? There are a lot of variables involved in answering this question. First, our Dogs do not have time limits. Once they become PBH Rescue Dogs, they are always PBH Rescue Dogs. You could foster from as little as days and weeks to as long as several months. Sadly, adult dogs typically take longer than the puppies. There is also something known as the "Black Dog Syndrome" which to our disbelief as we love black dogs... the statistics clearly show they are one of the hardest dogs to find adoptive homes for. Another very important variable is the fact our Adoption process is very comprehensive and thorough. Some people will simply be deterred by our lengthy Adoption Application, others aren't comfortable with us doing a home visit... there are several other variables as well. Bottom line is you can foster any where from days to several months or possibly even longer. Our dogs do not have a timeline or deadline to be adopted.

How do I become a Foster Home? First, you fill out our Foster Application. PBHR will process the application and a representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours. After the application is processed, PBHR will schedule a home visit and in-person interview. PBHR will then find the right foster dog that will match with your home life.

Fostering is a commitment. We ask that you please be patient, understanding, and respectful of your foster dog. There is always an adjustment period with the foster dog as he/she is in a new environment. Also, their backgrounds are for the most part, unknown. They will need strong leadership and guidance. They will need your love and will need you to show them that they are safe. They will need to be worked with to learn their boundaries and limitations. To work on the house training and proper canine mannerisms. Please don't expect your foster dog to be perfect... They need you to give them time to adjust and to learn the rules. PBHR asks that you exhaust all viable solutions and resources before giving up on the foster dog. We ask that you talk with us to better allow us to help you work through any issues you may be having. If something is broken, we cannot fix it if we don't know.

The Foster Dogs in our Rescue come from a variety of backgrounds and some may have certain issues (chewing, separation anxiety, not house trained, not crate trained, food aggressive, etc) Most behavior issues can be worked with and corrected. It's very important to be patient, understanding, and to use all tools and resources to correct any undesired and/or bad behaviors. PBHR is here for you and our dogs... Please utilize us to the fullest!

What if I want to adopt my Foster Dog? Well, we'll be honest... that is always possible. We first want you to think it out thoroughly. We also encourage you to keep the mind set of "If I adopt my Foster, then I'm essentially taking an open spot from another dog who needs me to help save them." If you still are determined and feel that adopting your foster is the right thing for both the foster dog and your family then please contact the coordinator right away. We'll then finalize the adoption... you'll pay the adoption donation fee and sign the adoption contract.

Why become a Foster Home?

As a NonProfit Rescue and being a Foster Home Network, Foster Homes play a crucial part in how many dogs we can actually save. Fact of the matter is, without Foster Homes in our in-house database, we simply cannot save any lives, period.

Our Rescue depends completely on having Foster Homes ready to save lives, many lives! We need Foster Homes! The more Foster Homes we have, the more lives we can save. Our Rescue will cover everything that the Foster Home may need, to include but not limited to the Medical, Dog Food, Treats, Crates, etc... If there is anything our Foster Homes may need or even want... please, let us know and we'll do our absolute best to get it for you!!

We have started an in-house database for our Approved Foster Homes. Reason being, is not every dog is for every individual home, they must be matched responsibly and accordingly. Also, because if we have Foster Homes in our database, we'll be able to send out an email to all of our Foster Homes, seeing if anybody is available to Foster for us. In Rescue, a lot of our work is done at the spur of the moment and in many cases, time is very time sensitive. It's the nature of our work. So, by having an ever growing database at hand will help us act a lot more quickly and efficiently in saving the many lives! We need you!! The Dogs need you!!

I want to stress very clearly that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we do not give away, sell, or trade any of your information you have provided Pit Bull Happenings. Your info is secured and the only ones with access are certain PBH Staff Members! We promise, your info is safe and secured!

Helping to save lives is the most wonderful feelings of purpose! It's hard to explain these amazing feelings... it's best to experience them! No financial compensation can out do the compensation of saving lives... truly spectacular!

To learn more of whats generally expected when one fosters, what to expect, how to, and just the whole overall experience... Click here for a very informative website exclusively for Foster Homes!

Foster Home Requirements:
  • Must be able to provide a safe living environment for the dog.
  • Must be able to provide tender loving care.
  • Must be able to provide basic training and work on house mannerisms.
  • Must be able to provide us with updated pictures for their photo albums.
  • Must be able to bring Foster Dog to our Events! If unable to make it, must contact us so that we may make other arrangements to get our Dogs at the Event!
  • If you have other animals, they must be current on their basic vetting needs.
  • If you have other dogs, they must be current on their vaccinations/shots (annuals, bordetella/kennel cough, and rabies) and must be current on heartworm preventative. Note: We will need proof and will also contact your Veterinarian.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be abiding by your local animal ordinances/laws.
  • Must NOT have any domestic violence and/or animal cruelty history/criminal records.
  • Have you had a bad experience with Fostering? Still want to save lives but afraid?

    Not all Rescues nor Shelters are the same. We have different goals, policies, agendas, motives, and the likes! PBH isn't your typical Rescue, either! We are our own and we are asking you respectfully for a chance! Communication is key! We are young, we are compassionate and understanding, we care! Please don't allow any bad experiences you may have had for another cost a life you could be saving with us. We offer our Foster Homes 100% Absolute Support! We proudly stand by our Foster Homes 24/7... please consider giving us a chance to prove we are truly here for the dogs! The dogs and educating the general public are our only motives! Sadly, like everywhere else in society... we do have the few bad apples that ruin the bushel per ce. We do not play the "politics" or have tolerance for any of the drama that plagues so many others... We stand on our own and are all about Educating and Rescuing the American Pit Bull Terriers and other Dogs!

    Our Rescue really needs you and we would love to have you become part of the PBHR Family! We're positive! We're honest! We're compassionate as well as passionate! We care about your thoughts, concerns... we listen! Tell us what is on your mind! Anytime! We're here for you and we love you! Please consider giving PBH a chance! Our Dogs are depending on great people with great hearts like yourselves to step up and save lives, many lives! Fostering should be a great and fun experience and we're confident Fostering for PBHR is like no others! We are our own and what we do, is... for the Dogs!

    If interested or have any questions or anything please email: Eric@PitBullHappenings.com and we'll answer all your questions and send you an application! Thank you for your interest in saving many lives to come!

    "10 For You are great, and are doing wonders; You are Elohim (God), You alone. 11 Teach me Your way, O יהוה (YHVH/Yahuah); Let me walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your Name. 12 I praise You, O יהוה (YHVH/Yahuah) my Elohim (God), with all my heart, And I esteem Your Name forever. 13 For Your loving-commitment is great toward me, And You have delivered my being From the depths of She’ol."
    ~Tehillim (Psalms) 86:10-13 The Scriptures (2009 version)

    Mailing Address: 9602 US Hwy 19 #82, Port Richey, Florida 34668
    General Email: Rescue@PitBullHappenings.com | Official Facebook Page | Official Twitter: @PBHRescue

    501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Organization | EIN: 27-4121738 | Florida License & Registration #CH37639 | Form 1023
    Annual Information Filings (Form 990-N, Year Ending December 31): 2013 | 2012 | 2011

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