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The PBHR HQ (www): www.PitBullHappenings.com and www.PitBullRescue.com
We serve One Master, the MOST GREAT Spirit !! And we are honored and delighted to offer our help to all of His creatures, animals and human alike !! We want to help you and our furry friends from this cruel and wicked world where the vipers have been allowed to run rampant with zero accountability... The time is come to expose these vipers... Stay tuned... more to come...
We are the People's Rescue!! ... ***Organization and Website Under Construction ***
PSA: We (PBHR) are not accepting any contributions of any kind!

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Pit Bull Happenings Rescue

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Returning the "Pit Bull" label back to its rightful owner, the American Pit Bull Terrier!

"...to bring communities together by leadership, education, rescue of the American Pit Bull Terrier and other dogs, community involvement, and awareness. We are an Animal Welfare Organization."

~ Pit Bull Happenings Rescue
Email: Help@PitBullHappenings.com

IMPORTANT: We are NOT accepting any new dogs/intakes at this time!
Please click here to find a local rescue organization near you.

We are currently undertaking a major transformation as a nonprofit organization as a whole!

In short, our primary objectives will be in dog ownership retention. We greatly prefer to see humans keep their pets in their home. We understand there are a great many people struggling in these economic times. We are here to help to our best abilities. If struggling pet owners who do not want to get rid of their pets need assistance with food or other daily care needs or if they need help financially with medical assistance, then please contact us and we shall see what we can do to help you out. Our primary objective is to see your family happy and that includes your pets!

The majority of dogs that end up in the local county shelters are listed as "Strays". We know the vast majority of these dogs are owned dogs. Some are abandoned, some are neglected, but not all. Some are from good, loving homes who happen to lack proper identifications when they get picked up. We do not want to see these dogs killed by the county shelter. State law gives these "stray" dogs a 72 hour window of reprieve. Then the County may "dispose" of the dog. If the dogs have identification, then the State law gives those dogs a 7 day window for their owner to claim them. If not, then the County is granted permission to kill that dog at any time for any reason. We will do our best to reunite these lost dogs with their owners before their lives are ended short. More details to come... Stay tuned.

Visual Breed Identification Disclaimer: Visual breed identification has proven to be inaccurate and unreliable! In addition, canine DNA testing is relatively new and none to our knowledge test for the American Pit Bull Terrier (the true Pit Bull) making DNA testing unreliable and inaccurate, by default. The fact is, unless you know the history, lineage/parentage, etc. we shouldn't be labeling the dogs and passing inaccurate info to the adopters, general public, and others. The dogs we rescue from shelters come from an unknown background and most of our owner surrenders we take into our rescue organization, the owners are unable to prove the history of their dogs. Further more, several different breeds share similar characteristics as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the predominant and precise breed for our dogs! We will call our dogs the American Pit Bull Terrier when we know the lineage/history. We judge our dogs on their own individual behavior and personality!

Featured Video: "Pit Bull Blues" by Songwriter/Singer John Shipe