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Pit Bull Happenings Rescue



Mission and Vision Statements

We are a Florida Pit Bull Rescue!

Pit Bull Happenings Rescue mission is to bring communities together by leadership, education, rescue of the American Pit Bull Terrier and other dogs, community involvement, and awareness. We are an Animal Welfare Organization.

We are dedicated and committed to:

  • Educating the general public, media, lawmakers, and others on the American Pit Bull Terrier [the real Pit Bull]
  • Promote and teach responsible dog ownership
  • Rescue and re-home American Pit Bull Terriers and other dogs whom, were abandoned, neglected, abused and/or surrendered
  • To support the community needs relating to the benefit and welfare of the dog(s)
  • Primarily, work with the individual dog and to help the individual dog owner who are willing to help us, help them, all for the betterment and welfare of the Dog(s)
  • Bringing communities together to strengthen the responsible dog owner's rights
  • Opposing BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) in all forms. We will, also, legally oppose any legislation either currently on the books or in the form of a bill that we feel is unfair and/or impedes on the rights of the responsible dog owner.
  • Support and to help enact more legislative penalties against criminals and irresponsible dog owners for animal cruelty, neglect, abandonment, irresponsible actions and in-actions alike.

Our vision is to one day restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terriers to their glory days as America's dog! In furtherance, we will help restore human accountability and responsibility in relation to, the dog!

Disclaimer: Mission Statement may be revised and/or modified at any time. We encourage and recommend to check back periodically for any changes that may or may not have been made.
Written: 08/19/2010 Revised/Modified: 12/01/2013